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tv   BBC World News  WHUT  March 4, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EST

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>> the standoff in libya. the opposition calls for a series of anti-gaddafi protests across the country after friday prayers today. the flow of people fleeing from libya has slowed down, but there are reports of some people held back on the libyan side of the border. first, pictures of a dutch helicopter crew held by colonel gaddafi's forces. the three marines were captured on sunday. >> welcome to gmt here in london. also in the program -- the u.n. says it is
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overstretched keeping the peace in ivory coast while the country's un envoy says the country's -- says it is as serious as libya. >> that should be addressed and that is the job of the international community, to protect the civilians. >> china increase defense spending by more than 12%, fueling concern about its military ambitions. >> hello and welcome from the libyan-tunisian border. the situation is that the flow of people out of libya has started to slow down. we've heard from the united nations refugee agency that it has fell to less than two thousand yesterday. that's down from the peak of 1000 people every hour. some aid workers are questioning
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why that flow of people out of libya has slowed down. there are reports of a concentration of would-be refugees better stuff about 15 kilometers inside the border. a large concentration of people there. also, a build up of pro-gaddafi forces. the vast number of people the lab and stranded along the border for the last few days, many of them are now being evaluated. there's an international airlift well under way. dozens of planes are taking people back to their home countries. most of these people are migrant workers who come from countries like egypt, bangladesh, turkey, and many others. it worked in libya. they fled from the violence and now they are being taken back home by the air left -- in the airlift. there have been calls for protests after friday prayers.
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colonel gaddafi's planes have been in action in the town of al-brega. >> libyan television broadcast pictures of the dutch helicopter captured by government forces near gaddafi's home town. it was on a mission to rescue a national working for dutch engineering group, the lessons returned safely home. three crew members, two men and women, were arrested and are now being held. the dutch government says their release is their highest priority. the capture it shows the precarious demarcation of territory in libya now. two weeks of uprising. much have fallen, but colonel gaddafi is still in power, at least in some of the country. migrant workers continue to leave in the thousands. in part, there's a semblance of normality, but only that.
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the sound of gunshots is common. security is tight and people are very worried. >> we would really like to know what's happening in our country. everybody wants to know, yes, of course. we are concerned and we would like to know more. >> even close to tripoli, colonel gaddafi's control is patchy. the oil refinery about 30 miles to the west is in government hands. the town nearby has fallen. although the government is bullish about its success in keeping it flowing. >> according to international demands [inaudible] over 80%. >> oil prices have risen. in the oil and gas hub town of brega, the opposition is
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preparing for more fighting. they fought off government troops two days ago. this eastern part of libya is now in rebel hands. neither the government nor the opposition appeared to have the military stressed for an all- out battle. in washington, president obama called on colonel gaddafi to quit. >> the violence must stop muammar gaddafi has lost legitimacy to leave and he must leave. those who perpetrate violence against the libyan people will be held accountable. >> this is also the rebels' non- negotiable demand. >> [inaudible] our freedom and our right. >> in benghazi, they are calling for foreign intervention. with more protests planned in tripoli, where business continues. international operation is now
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underway to get the thousands who have fled back to their home countries. bbc news. >> as we heard in that report from humphrey huxley, the opposition in the east of libya say they will not -- until colonel gaddafi stands down. let's talk to our correspondent in benghazi. given that, i suppose we're in a real still made at the moment. >> yes, friday prayers in benghazi -- the huge crowd erupted into a chant of "leave, colonel gaddafi." they are determined as ever to get rid of him. there is no compromise. people in the crowd tell me -- tens of thousands of fighters are heading west. if they are not now, they will be soon. the determination is as strong as ever here.
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>> they are talking about moving west. until now, we have not had any sense that the opposition forces where you are in the east have got that sort of momentum behind them, that they could move in a military sense towards tripoli. >> it's not really a military sense. it's more -- thousands of people [inaudible] is not an organized military movement. i think they are beginning to really -- they really will not rest until [inaudible] >> talking about the move after
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friday prayers -- i suppose the hope is that people in tripoli, in particular, will protest today again after friday prayers. we're getting reports out of tripoli of a severe crack down. >> they also know the pressure they're under in the west. i think they firmly believe here that everyone in libya is behind them. they keep using this slogan "united libya with tripoli as its capital." they fear colonel gaddafi may have a separatist agenda. [inaudible] they do not want to be seen as a separatist movement. >> thank you very much. that is jon leyne in
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benghazi, in the east of libya. let's talk about the humanitarian situation along the libyan-tunisian border, which is starting to ease. the vast exodus that started to come through, about 95,000 people, many of them stranded for the last few days -- but the backlog of people is now been cleared. we have a huge airlift under way. dozens of planes -- aircraft from countries like the u.k., france, spain, italy, and the united nations high commission for refugees -- they are all taking these migrant workers back to their home countries. most often, that is egypt and bangladesh. let's talk to the spokesman for unhcr at the border. how is the operation going? >> is going very well. significant progress has been made. more than 43,000 egyptians have been evacuated already. between four thousand to 6000 of
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them remain here. the people of bangladesh are on their way to the center to receive flights. the flights will begin to take them back home today. as you can see, a very positive response from the international community. >> thank you very much. the question is, how many more people remain on the libyan side of the border who still want to flee across to tunisia? that is it for me. atlanta back to you in the studio in london. >> my let's take a look as some of the other headlines. another major story is the ongoing conflict and ivory coast, which is threatening to spill over into all-out civil war.
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the united nations peacekeeping mission in the country says it is overstretched and cannot provide security for all civilians. troops lost the incumbent president, who refuses to quit. this comes as the un envoy to outurra, says the political situation in this country should be viewed as seriously as the situation in italy -- in libya. >> they are the same thing. they are the same thing. maybe it is more illegal, but it's the same thing. using more weapons to kill peaceful civilians. that should be addressed. >> our correspondent is in ivory coast and he joins us now on the
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phone. first, any reports of unrest today? >> we have further demonstrations and some conflicts in the west. some people from other west areas are being attacked and having shops looted. it still remains extremely tense. >> will concerns that -- there are concerns that ivory coast is dipping into all-out civil war. >> yes, that is right. there remains a lot of weapons in place. the northern half of the country is loyal to alassane ouattara. the south is well to his rival. there are reports of a lot of weapons being brought in. a diplomatic solution looks extremely difficult. yes, there are clear and credible concerns of the country could be returning to civil war.
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>> with the envoys in the unrest is as bad as libya, are there calls from the international community to protect civilians in ivory coast? >> the un security council talk about the issue on thursday and said they were very seriously concerned about what was going on and especially the source of attacks on civilians by sources. there's a peacekeeping mission here with about 10,000 peacekeepers. there's been concern that the u.n. has not been -- has been avoiding confrontation. obviously, this is a difficult place to operate. it has control to do a bit more. they are being targeted by supporters of gbagbo. >> thank you very much for joining us. in pakistan, funeral ceremonies are taking place for the
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government minister, shahbaz bhatti, who was killed on wednesday. the only christian in the cabinet was spearheading a campaign to amend a blasphemy law that could pull the death penalty for those convicted. an american admiral is investigating lewd videos on the aircraft carrier uss enterprise has recommended that all senior officers involved should face career threatening measures. the videos were riddled with expletives and included of lubbock -- included a homophobic remarks. computer experts say there's been a cyber attacks on private website predicted the targets included the president's office, the foreign ministry, and american forces in south korea. south korean intelligence chief has blamed north korea in
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the past four similar attacks. still to come on gmt, like china says it needs to raise its military budget by 12% to more than $91 billion. >> as we've been reporting over the last few weeks, libya is not the only place in the region facing an uncertain future. a wave of uprisings is still sweeping the arab world, to enforce all began in tunisia and egypt. our world affairs correspondent has this report. >> attention is focused on libya and the focus -- and the pressure on colonel gaddafi to go. his forces have confronted a determined opposition. protests are continuing across the middle east, as the wave of popular unrest rumbles across the region. in egypt, the interim prime minister, one of the last appointments by president mubarak, has resigned under
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pressure still coming from the streets. in egypt, protests have taken place right across the region. in tunisia, and demonstrators have forced the resignation of the prime minister. in bahrain, more street demonstrations. anchor, -- anger, too, in yemen and oman. across the middle east, people are corrupt with -- people are fed up with corrupt 1-family rule. many leaders have promised reform. the king of saudi arabia has promised a cabinet reshuffle and they hand out of $37 billion in benefits for housing, unemployment, and education. one month ago, few would have forecasted the revolution in libya and the attempt to topple
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colonel gaddafi. it's unclear where the protests will end. there are signs that people's appetite for reaffirm -- appetite for reform is not satisfied. >> you are watching gmt on "bbc world news." i am alassane ouatwarnings overe increasingly violent crisis in ivory coast. china is to raise its military budget by more than 12%. chinese officials have said the military expenditure is relatively low compared to other countries. it planning to launch aircraft carriers and is believed to have developed advanced missiles. china's defense spending now stands at $91.5 billion.
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beijing is quick to say it's military budget pales in comparison to the u.s. our correspondent joins us from beijing. why does the chinese leadership feel that it has to spend more on its military? >> the chinese leadership say that their military is undergoing a modernization program and that obviously will cause a lot of money. as you pointed out, the chinese military is talking about wanting aircraft carriers. it is also developing nuclear submarines, as well as a stealth fighter program. also know about the advanced missile systems. all of this costs money. many believe the true figure of china's military spending could be a lot higher than the $91 billion that the government said.
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that's a reason for concern. many countries in the region, as well as the u.s., say that china's military development needs to be more transparent and there needs to be more cooperation between china's military and other militaries operating in the region. >> we've seen china have spats with japan. what does china sea as the potential military threats to its -- china see as potential military threats to its security? >> you are right in pointing out that we've seen china become -- there was this out with japan late last year. that was over a disputed chain of islands. we will also see china renewing its claims to waters in the south china seas, as well as territory. we've also seen china becoming more assertive, according to india, in regard to the two-
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country bordered dispute. the fear is in the region that china is becoming more assertive. the country could be increasingly emboldened by its military might. china is insisting that this is for peaceful means and they say their priority going into the future is the economy and domestic stability within china itself. >> thank you very much. from beijing to the business news. >> u.s. jobs are very important numbers. the latest jobs report will show will show -- jobs report will show if growth in the world's largest economy is translating into job creation. many believe american employers hired 200 workers in february, which would be the best in many months.
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she explained to me earlier why this report is so closely watched. >> the numbers that have been coming in on jobs in the u.s. have been lower than we would have anticipated. at this stage of the recovery, we would be looking for jobs coming out 250,000 plus every month. unemployment is down from 9.8%, but 9% unemployment is a lot. it is the largest economy. it may not be the biggest driver of growth right now, but it is important for all of us that we have growth in the largest economy in the world. >> let's talk about the world's biggest advertising group. they unveiled strong results. they reported profits of almost $1.4 billion. wpp is home to huge names. the chief executive of the company is very confident, as
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well, this year will be strong. >> 2009 was a very difficult year. we were surprised in 2010 by the rebound in the united states and traditional media. that is where the biggest surprises came. as we got towards the end of 2010, the brics started to kick in. it is fair to say that they would be last out of the recession. they were last into the recession. we're looking at similar growth overall. we're looking at 5% for 2011. we think the balance is going to shift away a little bit from the united states and europe and more to brazil, russia, india, and china. vietnam cut its growth forecast to 7%. in the u.k. and in the u.s., we would be delighted if we had to cut our growth rates at 7%. the world is moving at different
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speeds and at different ways. >> there's been a warning from one of the world's most powerful investors about the role playing in the middle east crisis by western influences. george soros says the west should rethink the way it deals with the middle east. >> what is happening today in the middle east is very similar to what happened in the former soviet union in 1989 and 1991. at that time, i was very much involved in those events, but then it was a regime hostile to the west that was destroyed by the revolution. now, it's yours teams that have been supported by the west. >> words of wisdom by george soros.
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>> restoration of one of russia's most a chronic -- most iconic buildings is near completion. >> from the outside, all is ca lm at the building. inside, specialist decorators are working around the clock to get this long and complex restoration project closer to completion. far more than a fresh coat of paint is needed here. a medieval concoction is being used to apply gold leaf, reviving the decor of what had become an aged, crumbling building. it was sinking into the grounds. >> the reconstruction and restoration of one of the main symbols of russia is, of course, a very difficult process. the key task for us was to keep the building in tact. we manage to do this thanks to a
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genius construction solution, where the building was suspended in the air and the foundation was taken away by hand. >> the famous ballet and opera house was built in 1776. in several years of neglect during soviet times. the main stage was closed in 2005 for the restoration work. it was meant to reopen three years later, but there have been huge delays. it is now expected to be completed this october. what is finally been achieved here is residing -- is reviving the theater to its former glory. that's one of the reasons it had the face lift, but there's still work to do. russia's authorities will be hoping they remain on track for the opening in october. bbc news. >> that's all for this edition of gmtfor me, zeinab badawi, bye.
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